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Producing hot melt adhesive need the jacket reactor

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-20 16:45:22

hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesive is a plastic adhesive, which is a solid state at room temperature and heated to melt quickly bonded. According to the shape division,  the hot-melt  adhesive have several species  which are strip,  block,  granular and powdery. You can choose the shape  which fits your project.

 jacket reactor (3)


Hot-melt adhesives are one of the most commonly used adhesives for textile, especially garment processing, which is widely used in bonded non-woven fabrics, traffic signs, bookbinding / carpet stitching, toe, diapers, garment linings and zippers. Hot-melt adhesives used in the textile industry have good bond strength,  excellent softness, washable / dry cleanable.

 jacket reactor (2)


The jacket reactor is specializing producing the hot-melt adhesive, which is breaking down or combined the materials through mixing, filling and cooling,  to promote the reaction of polymerization. The JCT company is producing and exporting the reactor for 11 years,  which can  supply   the volume of  reactor  from  50L to  30000L and  the heating methods can come true three heating  methods that  are electric methods,  steam heating and heated in water.  If you are interested in producing the Hot melt adhesive and want to order the jacket reactor, please contact us as much as possible.


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