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Poland customers purchase solder paste making machine

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-14 15:31:58

Speaking of solder paste, the most simple and intuitive understanding is that solder paste is used for repairing computers and mobile phones. Solder paste is mainly used for welding PCB surface resistors, capacitors, IC and other electronic components in SMT industry. Poland customers visited JCT machinery to purchase solder paste making machine.

Solder paste is a kind of gray paste. Solder paste is a new type of welding material accompanied by SMT. It is a paste mixture composed of solder powder, flux, other surfactants and thixotropic agents.

power mixer

The production of solder paste is a very professional knowledge. Different manufacturers will have different processes, but the general process is the same. Solder paste is mainly composed of flux and solder powder. Adding solder flux to raw materials, other ingredients are stirred, vacuum pumped and poured. The more detailed production process of solder paste is as follows:

Process flow chart of solder paste production

From the drawing, we can see the production process of solder paste in detail. The finished solder paste products are divided into different colour solder paste bottles according to the composition of solder paste. Lead solder paste is packed into white bottles. Environmental solder paste is packed into green bottles. The solder paste is sampled and inspected separately. The corresponding labels are affixed and stored in the warehouse. The solder paste must be stored in the refrigerator of 2-10 degrees.

The production equipment of tin paste can choose power mixer, which centralizes the functions of planetary mixer and strong disperser. It has the functions of mixing, dispersing, shearing and mixing. The mixer is equipped with 3-4 groups of agitators of different forms, 2 groups of multi-layer blades (or arc) agitators, planetary motion rotating at the same time, 1-2 groups of high-speed dispersion, planetary motion dispersing at the same time, which promotes the complex movement of materials in the kettle, and makes the materials subject to intense shearing and mixing. The scraper rotates around the axis of the kettle body and scrapes out the raw materials sticking to the wall and bottom to participate in mixing. The effect of dispersion and mixing is very good.

Power mixer is widely used in silicone rubber, polyurethane, adhesives, pastes, cosmetics, coatings, ink, battery mortar, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

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