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Poland customer visits JCT machinery

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-10-21 16:50:20

At the beginning of the month, JCT machinery ushered from Eastern Europe from afar Poland customers, the customer is through her European friends came to China, through communication to the JCT machine, machinery procurement, customer intention is to order 300L conical spiral ribbon mixer,

Conical ribbon mixer.jpg

For the cone screw mixer and the basic production equipment, JCT also has many customer cases, producing videos and pictures. Tapered ribbon mixer with basic composition:

Conical ribbon mixer.png

The conical double helix mixer is a rapid rotation of the two asymmetrical screw, and the material rises upward to form two asymmetrical spiral material flows along the lower arm of the barrel arm. The spiral arm driven by the revolution, the material of different degree spiral into the stud envelope, a portion of the material is misplaced promotion, another part of the material being thrown out of the stud, so as to achieve the full circumference range material constantly updated diffusion, referred to the upper part of the two shares of the material and then to the center recess formed confluence. A downward flow of material added at the bottom of the hole, thereby forming a convective circulation. Due to the combination of the said movement, the material is evenly mixed in a short time, and the mixing degree is higher.

The Poland beauty is also very talkative, experts in the industry, with our technical staff communication without barriers, but also with customers we investigate the machine parameters, electrical debugging, a series of problems such as site planning, is very professional, is everyone's sure! Thank Poland customers for JCT machinery trust, hope to cooperate happily!

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