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Plasticine clay kneader kneading fun

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-04-04 16:02:43


When we were young, one of our toys had Plasticine, and the shape of Plasticine could become what we wanted to be.

clay kneading machine

How did the Plasticine come from? I believe many small partners do not know it!

JCT can provide complete sets of equipment for making Plasticine. clay mixing machine is the ideal equipment for making Plasticine.

kneader machine (3)

clay kneading machine can mix high-viscosity and ultra-high-viscosity materials and knead the crushing polymerization reaction. Kneader consists of kneading part, base part, transmission system, vacuum system, hydraulic system, electronic control system and other six parts, all contact materials are made of stainless steel.If you want to know more about clay kneading machine, free contact JCT Machinery as soon as possible. 

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