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Plastic mixer structure and precautions

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-06-05 08:39:55

Plastics are also used in a wide range of applications, and there are many types of specifications. Here is a common vertical plastic mixer with a planetary stirring paddle and a scraping edge to transfer material from the barrel to the barrel. The upper end is then dropped in an umbrella shape and continuously stirred for circulation to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. The disadvantage is that it does not have a dispersing function, and the supporting equipment includes heating, cooling, vacuum and the like.

     Plastic mixer structure:

     The plastic mixer has a unique and novel mixing form. The kettle has two or three agitators and one or two automatic scraping blades. The agitator rotates around the axis of the escalator and rotates around its own axis at different speeds to make the material. Do complex movements in the kettle and receive strong shear and twist.


 Vertical plastic mixer maintenance precautions:

     1. Lubrication parts should be filled with oil frequently.

    2. There should be no material leakage in the wall sealing parts.

     3. Appropriate transmission belt tightness, regular inspection and adjustment or replacement.

     4. The steam pipe must not leak air. When the machine stops the valve, it should be closed to ensure the reliability of the safety valve pressure gauge.

     5. After half a year, the machine operation should be dismantled to check whether the wearing parts are damaged, and adjust and replace accordingly.

Plastic mixer maintenance precautions:

    1. The machine is installed in the first clean, cleaned anti-rust grease after decontamination. Check each lubrication point with lubricant (fat).

    2. The tension of the driving V-belt is checked by adjusting the bolts of the motor to the appropriate position.

    3, fasteners, steam pipe leaks, line and electrical equipment safety inspection. The electric heating type kneader must have a grounding device.

    4, the debugging mixing room is clean, used for 10-15 minutes of idle time, to confirm the normal operation of the machine and put into production. Normally, the gears of the new machine (including the reducer) are noisy when used for the first time, and the time spent in one cycle is naturally reduced.

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