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Why choose Planetary Dispersing Mixing Machine For Lab?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-04-20 09:47:02
Planetary Dispersing Mixing Machine

Planetary Dispersing Mixing Machine is a kind of highly efficient and versatile mixer with mixing, dispersing, cutting and mixing function.

The Planetary Dispersing Mixing Machine for lab is small and easy to use for laboratory experiment. It is a new function machine that combines the advantages of planetary machine and dispersing machine. And this mixing machine is easy to clean and it can be used for sealant, silicone rubber, adhesive, paste, cosmetics, paint, ink, cell paste, food, and other industries.

Planetary dispersing mixing machine characteristics:

1: Vacuum container: the mixing machine can work under the vacuum condition.

2: Stainless steel polish vessel: makes sure the scraper can move smoothly and ripe off the material while rotate in the vessel.

3: Twist blade: the twist blade can help the material mix well. At the same time, the twist blade is not just rotate by itself but also revolutionize with the other blade. And it can be well mix with a short time.

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