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Let's talk about chemical blenders mixing systems for powder

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-07-14 11:24:37

chemical blenders

Do you know chemical blenders mixing systems for powder? mixing systems of chemical blenders are mainly used in the twin-shaft paddle weightless mixer.

The chemical blenders the inner of chemical blenders include paddle. strong turning speed can shorten the mixing time, in addition, the critical speed can make parabolic materials achieve uniform mixing,so the chemical blenders can be choosen as dry powder mortar complete sets of equipment.

The twin-shaft mixer after the transition into the finished bucket, follow the  screw machine fed into the packaging machine, there are three discharging way, first, mix materials are delivered into the finished product transition hopper, second pass materials to packaging by screw conveyor, third, pass materials through screw conveyor, bucket elevator into the finished mortar positions in the store,open the valve to be use will be by the warehouse in occasion of the bulk feeder to the bulk tankers.