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JCT supplies Shell lube oil equipment to you

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-09-27 10:35:44

Royal Dutch Shell,It is the world's largest oil company, headquartered in The Hague and London, comprising Royal Dutch Petroleum and British Shell.

Shell not only produces oil, but also is the world's largest lubricating oil supplier. Lubricating oil profit is higher, but it is not high to enter the lubricating oil industry. Many friends are asking about lubricating oil production equipment, in fact, lubricating oil equipment is not imaginary complex, here JCT recommended lubricating oil production line.

shell lube oil production line

The main equipment and functions of lube oil production line are introduced:

1. Stirring kettle: It is divided into atmospheric pressure or pressure vessel. It is composed of kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, agitator, transmission device, shaft encapsulation device, etc. It can customize different shaft seal, heating and cooling mode and stirring mode.

2. Planetary agitator: suitable for mixing and defoaming of lubricating oil. Various agitator forms are designed for different viscosity products, such as blade type, claw type, frame type, twist type, three-dimensional design, CNC machining center processing, and can cooperate with high-speed dispersed shear machine to meet various production conditions.

3. Extruder: with the use of mixer, according to the characteristics of lubricating oil is not easy to flow, according to the viscosity of the material design of different pressures, up to 300T pressure, discharge clean and no residue; and can be designed with lifting structure, easy to cooperate with the subsequent process. It can also be used for discharging and loading of 200L oil drum.

4, emulsifying machine: homogenization and emulsification for lubricating oil, often applied to pipeline type, convenient for application.

5, liquid delivery system: liquid positive pressure and negative pressure transportation, pumping and so on.

6. Liquid dispensing system: Incremental method, weight loss method, volume method and other dispensing methods.

Lubricating oil is generally composed of two parts: base oil and additive. Base oil is the main component of lubricating oil, determines the basic properties of lubricating oil, additives can make up for and improve the performance of the base oil deficiencies, given some new properties, is an important part of lubricating oil.

JCT machinery provides equipment and whole plant construction for lubricating oil enterprises; the company has a long history of producing lubricating oil equipment, and has provided equipment and whole plant construction for many well-known lubricating oil manufacturers all over the world; we provide whole plant output, design service production line contracting, plant rebuilding, expansion services, project management consulting services, scheme construction. To solve the problem of producing lubricating oil thoroughly.

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