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What is the features of chemical powder blending vessel?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 11:19:59

blending vessel

The chemical powder blending vessel has many advanced advantages,it\'s a kind of high efficient and professional chemical powder blending vessel,as a chemical powder blending vessel manufacturer in foshan city, we has been supplying the suitable chemical powder blending vessel according to your request over 10 years!

blending vessel

JCT chemical powder blending vessel is a vertical form of powder mixing equipment with cone structure,its application is wide, it\'s widely used in chemical, fertilizer, oil fields, oil refineries, pesticides, veterinary drugs, paints, pigments, dyes and additives, metallurgy, metallurgy, refractory, mining, building materials etc.

blending vessel

In addition, JCT chemical powder blending vessel has a advanced features than other chemical blending vessel,short mixing period,high production capacity,low production cost,high efficiency, convenient discharging characteristics,wide adaptability.JCT chemical powder blending vessel does not produce segregation phenomenon for mixing heat-sensitive materials, what\'s more,chemical powder blending vessel has a good adaptability.

blending vessel

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