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JCT Olay oil cosmetic cream making machine Successfully exported to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-01 11:32:32

Do you know the equipment for making cosmetic creams?

Do you know the equipment for making cosmetic creams

1. Product Function Brief 

A. Operating principle: There are two or three multi-blade stirrer and one automatic scraper. Agitator runs around the kettle axis, and rotates around its own axis on a different speed at the same time; so that the material in the kettle crashes intricately, strongly sheared and rubbed. Besides, equipment knife scraped the inside wall of kettle, and bring down the material glued to the wall when rotates around the axis, which greatly enhances the effect.

B. Components: Mixing devices, vacuum system, heating devices, cooling system, etc.

C. Equipped with the Mixer: Hydraulic discharge machine, hydraulic oil station, etc.

D. Superiority: Kettle has special seal structure to vacuum, so that the exhaust can be well expelled. Cylinder jacket can be heated and cooled according to users' needs. Discharging way is pressure fed, cover lifts by hydraulic, and cylinder is free to move, which is easy to operate. And the impeller and the blade can be rise with the beam out of the cylinder, so it is easy to clean.

machine Applied to:

cosmetics ,sealant,glue,grease,paste,adhesive

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