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JCT talk about dough mixer kneader

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-08-04 14:12:51

dough mixer kneader

The dough mixer kneader is a high efficient and new type chemical mixing equipment,what\'s dough mixer kneader? we can talk about its features and shipment as follows:

The features of dough mixer kneader:
1). With no dead spot, Kneading Machine works high-efficiency in mixing, kneading, crushing and dispersing for viscous materials.
2). Inverter for frequency control.
3). Vacuum or Forcing are available.
4). Two sigma or Z-type blades.
5). Discharge mode: Hydraulic lid off, Hydraulic tilting, Bottom pumping.
6). Jacketed electric heating or cooling.
7). Items are made of stainless steel.

Package & shipping of dough mixer kneader:
1)Standard Export Packing: wooden case
2) FOB (usually), CIF, CFR

Technical Support: Magic Lamp