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Why do we call sigma kneader?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-16 11:21:26

sigma kneader

Why do we call sigma kneader? there are many reasons to support it, as one of sigma kneader manufacturer, we can design different mixing blazes to our customers, such as sigma blaze, Z blaze and other types,as we all known, the the mixing blaze of sigma kneader is designed into sigma shape, so we call it sigma kneader.

sigma kneader

The sigma kneader is an ideal equipment,design for mixing,kneading,crusing,dispersing high viscosity plastic materials,and has good performance in uniform mixing,no dead ends and high efficiency kneading.JCT sigma kneader consists of kneading part,base part, transmission system,vacuum system,hydraulic system,electric control system,etc.outer and inner contact material can be made from stainless steel or carbon steel, or at your options.

sigma kneader

JCT sigma kneader has some heating methods, such as oil heating,electric heating,steam heating.cooling method adopts water cooling.Rotated speed control is equipped with inverter for frequency control. Discharge methods can be divided into hydraulic tilting discharge,bottom discharge. If you\'re interested in further details, please contact me in your free time!

sigma kneader

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