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How amazing does the JCT planetary mixer machine principle!

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-03-13 15:58:50

planetary mixer machine

It\'s amazing for the JCT planetary mixer machine principle.As a planetary mixer machine manufacturer,we focus on the supplying the suitable planetary mixer machine for our clients. As for the planetary mixer machine principle, we\'re pleased to talk with you!

planetary mixer machine

JCT planetary mixer machine is one of JCT chemical mixing machine, which is a new highly efficient mixing equipment, without dead spots. It\'s unique and novel in agitation. There are two or three multi-blaze stirrer and or two automatic scraper.Planetary mixer machine runs around the kettle axis, and rotates around its own axis on a different speed at the same time.

planetary mixer principle

JCT planetary mixer machine principle can be learned from the structure.The special seal can be designed pressure and vacuum, so that the exhaust can be well expelled. The cylinder jacket can be heated and cooled according to clients\'requirement.JCT planetary mixer machine is widely used in the production of chemical, light industry, food, batteries,pharmaceuticals,building materials, pesticides etc.

planetary mixer principle

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