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How does the paint mixing machine play its powerful functions?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-03-21 11:32:22

mixing paint machine

How does the paint mixing machine play its powerful functions? let me get to know the meaning of paint mixing machine.Paint mixing machine is new high-efficiency mixing equipment,which makes the material for high-speed strong shear, impact, crushing, dispersion, to achieve rapid mixing,decentralized, refined function.

mixing paint

Paint mixing machine is mainly for different viscosity slurry liquid raw materials for grinding, dispersion, emulsification, mixing, through the dispersion disc with the high speed.Paint mixing machine adopt hydraulic lift, solid and reliable.Closed design, reduce solvent evaporation, reduce material loss, save environmental protection.

mixing paint machine

Paint mixing machine is designed into automatic control, temperature and pressure automatic feedback system to ensure safety. Beautiful appearance, generous style.Motor of paint mixing machine can be selected according to customer requirements for different explosion-proof grade.

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mixing paint

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