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How about JCT hot glue stick application scope?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-03-13 08:42:16

hot glue stick

Do you know hot glue stick application scope? Today let me tell you about hot glue stick produced in JCT Machinery. I think you will get some knowledge after reading my article this time!

glue stick

Hot melt glue have various shape. And the application scope of hot glue stick can include as follows.

(1) The scope of packaging: cartons cartons, food packaging, etc.

(2) Health products range: urine is not wet, sanitary napkins, etc.

(3) Books and binding: books and other wireless binding..

(4) Wood furniture: plywood, wood floor stitching, furniture, such as paste.

(5) Car: lights, glass, filter, interior decoration, etc.

(6) Textile products: adhesive, printing, adhesive, etc.

(7) reflective material: traffic cards, warning protective clothing, etc.


In addition to the above mentioned, what other application scopes about hot glue stick do you know? If you are interested in making hot glue stick, you can choose JCT Machinery and contact with us as any methods mentioned bellow. We are kindly hope for being your commercial partner!

hot glue stick

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