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How can we choose the suitable double paddle mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-11-29 14:43:06

double paddle mixer

It's not difficult to choose the suitable double paddle mixer on the market,if you're a double paddle mixer searcher or investors,you need to find a reliable and professional double paddle mixer manufacturer around the world,with rapidly development in double paddle mixer, more and more double paddle mixer investors turn to double paddle mixer made in China!

mixer kettle

The double paddle mixer is a kind of chemical mixing equipment,here are some useful tips to choose suitable double paddle mixer.Firstly,select the horizontal mixer according to the daily production,duo to each batch of material processing time is about 10 minutes,plus the material and feed time, each batch of material processing time can be 15 minutes.clients can choose the suitable double paddle mixer on the needs of client's requirement.

mixer kettle

The double paddle mixer should take working principle into account, the capacity of double paddle mixer for mixing and mixing in the opposite directions should be basically the same.as a double paddle mixer manufacturer,we can design the suitable types of double paddle mixer on your request,if you need more information, welcome to visit JCT Machinery!

double paddle mixer