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It’s all here! Guangdong strong disperser specifications...

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-07-13 15:24:24

Guangdong strong dispersing machine, mainly based on QF series, but according to different manufacturers' names and specifications, the machine name is different, but the general structure and function are the same, some prices are high and some prices are low, this is probably Some manufacturers have problems with configuration and workmanship.

      There are three different types of agitators in the powerful dispersing machine of Guangdong. One of the agitators rotates around the axis of the kettle body, and the other two agitating devices rotate at high speed around their own axes at different speeds to make the material move in the kettle. , subject to strong shearing and twisting.


       So what is the specification of the Guangdong powerful disperser?

   The mountain-shaped scraping knife in the equipment rotates around the axis of the kettle body, scraping the raw materials sticking to the wall and the bottom to participate in mixing, so that the effect is more ideal. The device has good sealing performance, can be vacuumed, and has good exhaust and defoaming effect. The powerful dispersing machine cylinder head can be hydraulically lifted and lowered, the cylinder body can be moved freely, and the operation is very convenient. The form of the powerful disperser agitator can be multi-layer paddle type, frame type, butterfly type, impeller type, etc. according to material requirements.

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