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[email protected] Foxconn: how to choose epoxy adhesive correctly?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-09-17 11:19:46

We all know that Foxconn is the world's largest 3C factory, not only to produce Apple's iPhone, iPad and other products, but also to help millet, Samsung, Huawei, Sony and other manufacturers to produce a series of the latest mobile phones, mobile phones have many electronic components, need to be packaged, here to introduce the epoxy adhesive.

Epoxy adhesive is a very common adhesive in the electronic industry. It has a wide range of applications, such as precision electronic components packaging, parts fixation, power supply filling, surface coating and so on. But how to correctly select an epoxy adhesive suitable for our own production process is a problem we often face. Now let's introduce how to choose epoxy adhesive.

how to choose epoxy adhesive correctly?

1. Confirm the use of epoxy adhesive.

If it is used as a bonding, more strength should be considered; if it is used as a filling, more sealing may be considered; if it is used for coating and surface treatment, more consideration should be given to brushing and fluidity.

2. Confirm the cost of epoxy adhesive.

If it is a large amount of epoxy glue for filling and sealing, of course, it requires low cost, and the market is basically in the range of more than ten yuan a kilogram to more than 100 yuan a kilogram. If it is a precision product bonding, considering the various electrical properties of glue, high reliability and convenience, some prices will range from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan a kilogram, more precision products. Will use 10-30 milliliters of syringe dispensing machine through automatic dispensing machine, the cost will be even higher.

3. Confirm the viscosity of epoxy adhesive.

Viscosity is related to the size of filling gap and dispensing efficiency, the higher the viscosity filling gap is, the worse the fluidity is, the worse the point-out. Some require customers to pass dispensing tests to determine, after all, the equipment and operating habits of each company are different.

4. Confirm the color of epoxy adhesive.

General products require glue and adhesive materials as close as possible, transparent epoxy adhesive adaptability is the best, but some special occasions, customers require color identification, so epoxy adhesive also has green, red, black, blue and other colors!

5. Confirm the composition of epoxy adhesive.

Epoxy adhesive has two component AB type and one component without mixing type. One component epoxy adhesive is to mix curing agent into epoxy resin in advance. It needs to be refrigerated and cured by heating when used. Two-component epoxy adhesive can be naturally preserved, when used with agent A and agent B in proportion to blend evenly before use. Choose according to customer needs.

Epoxy adhesive is a kind of adhesive with mature technology and Application on the market. It has a wide range of uses and high profits. If you want to invest in the production of epoxy adhesive, whether it is two-component or one-component, the epoxy adhesive production line produced by JCT machine can help you, and it can be designed as PLC automatic intelligent production. For details, please contact JCT:



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