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How to select the suitable stirring blaze of reaction kettle?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-07-15 11:26:15

reaction kettle

As a reaction kettle manufacturer, we can provide some program for our client's about stirring blaze of reaction kettle, as for reaction kettle, it's a kind of chemical mixing equipment.

There are two ways of agitation, mechanical agitation and magnetic agitation.For the production of reactor experiments or research, it's significant for choosing right and proper stirring blaze of reaction kettle.it can be depends on different physical character,capacity,it can play a significant role for promoting the chemical reaction rate, improve production efficiency.

Let's talk about two ways of agitation, magnetic agitation has a wide range of applications,and better sealing performance. magnetic agitation adopts force of kinetic energy,energy-saving,convenient maintenance, The disadvantage is that the viscosity of the material can not be used in the reactor with large volume,Mechanical agitation is a more traditional way that magnetic stirring,it's more powerful,good shear force,as for arge reactor,it usually adopts mechanical agitation. However, due to the limitations of sealing it tends to cause secondary pollution. 

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