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How to operate the vacuum spiral dough kneader in JCT?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-07-22 11:58:05

spiral dough kneader

The spiral dough kneader is high efficient  mixing equipment for high viscosity materials. as a vacuum spiral dough kneader manufacturer, it's significant to show you how to operate the vacuum spiral dough kneader in production.

Firstly,doing well preparation work, you need to turn on the power switch,prepare the spare and raw material. it can avoid the hurry condition,start the motor and check the motor is good or not.

spiral dough kneader

Secondly, When the cover of vacuum spiral dough kneader is discharging, do not touch the brim,so as to protect your fingers from crushing.put the cover completely and tighten the bolts.Notice to stop stirring when the materials discharge.

Finally,when the cylinder turn or lift, pay attention to the range of rotation of the cylinder, so as not to bruise the body.if you find something unusual, please stop the machine working immediately,take measures to eliminate the fault.

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