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How about industrial planetary mixer in JCT?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-07-23 11:29:34

industrial planetary mixer

The industrial planetary mixer is high efficient, multi-functional equipment combining reaction equipment. How about industrial planetary mixer in JCT? we can learn its characteristics.

1). Planetary mixer is high efficient, multi-functional equipment combining reaction, mixing, blending and dispersion.

2). Suitable for the production process of liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, ointment-ointment, powder-ointment and materials with huge difference of density and proportion or from low to high viscosity (1,500,000 pieces).

3). The mechanical seal and (echelon) soft seal between the vessels enable the materials to be processed under vacuum condition.

4). The vessel body can be heated by electricity, steam, water or oil. The peculiar temperature sensor on the driving shaft ensures the temperature error under ±1°C.

5). The jacket structure facilitates heating up and cooling down.

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