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Hot sale plasticine machine supplier

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-12-14 15:24:38


  The plasticine is a funny toys for the chrildren, which can bring a lot of fun to them. What machine can make the plasticine? The plasticine machine is kneader mixer which can through the materials of mixing, crushing, dipersing, kneading, so as to re-polymerization of materials. The kneader mixer can be found in the JCT company which is specializing in manufacturing and exporting chemical machine for 11 years.

kneader mixer

  The kneader mixer has been exported many countries which are Sudan, Sri Lanka, Belarus, India, Malaysia, Philippines,etc. There is a great demand for plasticine in their domestic market. So they are interested in our plasticine machine. As a kneader mixer manufacturer in China, we can supply three heating ways of kneader mxier which are eletric heating,steam heating, oil heating.you can choose the heating way that fits your plan.

kneader mixer (2)

      As the same time, we can supply the volume of kneader machine from 50L to 5000L. you can choose the volume of kneader machine that fits your daily output of plasticine. In the material of kneader mixer, the material can be made by s304, s321, s316L. If you are interested in producing the plasticine machine,  you can contact us as much as possible.

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