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Hot melt sticks production line supplier

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-29 16:15:51

          hot melt sticks

        The hot melt sticks have the characteristics of non-toxic, fast bonding, high strength, anti-aging, good thermal stability, film toughness, etc, which can realize continuous use without charring.  So the hot melt sticks can be used in many field which are plastic,  metal, wood, paper, toys, electronics, furniture, leather, crafts, shoes, coating, ceramics, lampshade, EPE, food packaging, speakers, etc.

reactor (3)
             The JCT company is specializing in producing and exporting the chemical machine  for 11 years.  There are enough chemical machine experience and an excelent technical team in the JCT company. It can supply the whole machine of the hot melt sticks production line. The machine of the hot melt sticks production has the cutting machine, screw extruder,reactor. The JCT company can supply these machine with you.
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             In the machine of hot melt sticks production line,  the JCT company can supply different types of stirred reactors  which are anchor paddle, block, ribbon, turbine type, a dispering disc, etc. And it can also supply the volume of reactor from 50L to 30000L. you can choose the reactor that fits your plan.  If you are interestes in producing the hot melt sticks, please contact us as much as possible.

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