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Horizontal ribbon mixer working principle

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-07-27 11:38:32

horizontal ribbon mixer

Horizontal ribbon mixer is a chemical mixing equipment for putty paste, lacquer, powder, putty, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractories and other solid - solid (ie powder and powder), solid - pulp (ie, powder and gel slurry) the mixing.especially for viscous materials,how about horizontal ribbon mixer working principle?

The drive shaft of horizontal ribbon mixer are double helical blade, the material can be transferred outside with inner spiral,outer material can be gathered,with the convection action,it can form a low-power and high efficient mixing environment.

The inner material can be driven by inner and outer spiral of stirring shaft, to maximum turning range of materials in the horizontal ribbon mixer.Inner spiral drives thr material closing to axis,axis can be rotated from inner to both sides,outer spiral rotates the material of kettle wall. 

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