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High efficiency power mixer for making cosmetic

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-12-12 13:51:24


What machine can be used to produce the cosmetic? The power mixer is an excellent machine to produce the cosmetic. Because it is a non-dead power mixer mixing and dispersion equipment. The power mixer is fully Combined with the characteristics of planetary mixer and disperser, which mixing and working efficiency are more effectively improved.

power mixer (2)

The power mixer uses a unique mixing mechanism, which the material bucket can be fixed.As the same time, it’s dispersing disc and stirring paddle can achieve both the rotation of the planet's rotation that it’s speed can be frequency control. Through these steps, making the the material of cosmetic fully dipersion and mixing and not having non-dead mixing.

power mixer (3)

What’s more,  the power mixer can be designed an automatic scraping wall mechanism in the kettle,  which can scratch the material attached to the wall and continue mixing. It has an excellent sealing structure, which can be pressurized or vacuum to bubble. Therefore, the power mixer is an excellent equipement that can produce the cosmetic. If you are interested in the power mixer, please contact the JCT company as much as possible.

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