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High efficiency multi-purpose planetary mixer

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-12-20 15:45:30

planetary mixer (5)

Planetary Mixer is a new type of high efficiency non-dead-end mixer with a unique and novel mixing format. There are two or three multi-layered paddle stirrers and one or two automatic scrapers in the kettle. The axis of revolution at the same time, at different speeds around its own axis rotation, the material in the kettle for complex movement, subject to intense shear and rubbing.

planetary mixer (3).JPG

Planetary mixer scraping wall knife axis around the kettle rotation, the sticky material in the wall scraping Participation in mixing, so that the effect is more ideal. Kettle body with a special seal structure, can be pressurized and evacuated, with good exhaust defoaming effect. Cylinder jacket can be based on user needs heating, cooling. The way of discharging is pressing, the cylinder head of the device can be hydraulic lifting, the cylinder can move freely, the operation is very convenient. And mixing paddles and scrapers with the beam rise completely from the cylinder, easy to clean.

planetary mixer (2)

Planetary mixer is suitable for the mixing, reaction and dispersion of multi-component solid-solid phase, solid-liquid phase, liquid-liquid phase materials needed in the fields of chemical industry, light industry, food, battery slurry, Such as silicone sealant, silicone structural adhesive, silicone ink, pigment, viscose, sealant, filling glue ointment, paste material, grease, paint, Paste-like food, additives and other high viscous preparation.

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