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Grafted rubber production line successfully exported to Sri Lanka

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-06-23 15:02:16

 In June 22, 2018, JCT Machinerry, who was in Guangdong province of China, received a line of customers from Sri Lanka. The two sides discussed the production line of grafted rubber.

The application of grafted gum is very extensive. Next, we introduce a process of producing grafted adhesive.

1) prepare raw materials according to the formula in the raw material barrel, and the raw materials are pumped into the rubber reactor. After a period of mixing, the material is heated up to achieve a complete mixing effect. In the jacket of the reaction kettle, the water is heated and controlled by water.

2) during the heating process, the condenser is started, the volatile matter is cooled back to the reaction kettle after the cooling of the condenser, and the other wastes are filtered out.

3) when the material is stirred by the rubber reaction kettle, the high speed regulating kettle with the jacket is used to adjust the solid content, and the high speed and high shear can be realized by the high-speed disks, and the water can be cooled by water in the jacket. When the flow pressure is large, the valve can be reflued by the regulating valve.

4) when the production is completed, the filter is filtered through a quick open bag filter.

5) the product is packed in the filling system. Pack the finished product into the warehouse.

graft glue production line

 Thanks to Sri Lanka's customers' trust and support to JCT, JCT machinery will, as always, provide customers with high quality products. He can customize it and provide technical support. I wish to know the details:


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