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Do you know the water-based paint?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-01-31 13:57:33

Water-based paint

Water-based paint is a post-emulsion emulsion film-forming paint, the solvent-based resin dissolved in organic solvents, and then with the help of emulsifiers by strong mechanical stirring to disperse the resin in water to form an emulsion, known as the post-emulsion emulsion, Made of paint in the construction can be diluted with water.

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Emulsion is the role of emulsifier in the process of mechanical stirring, unsaturated vinyl monomers under certain conditions of polymerization of small particles dispersed in water dispersed emulsion composition. Coatings formulated with a small amount of water-soluble resin can not be called latex paints. Strictly speaking, water-based paint can not be called latex paint, but it is also customarily classified as latex paint.

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As the name suggests, water-based paint is a water-based paint. As all of our interior and exterior paint, metal paint, car paint, etc. have the corresponding water-based paint products. Water-based paint with its non-toxic environmental protection, odorless, very few volatile, non-flammable non-explosive high security, non-yellowing, brushing area advantages, as people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more by the market accept.

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