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Do you know neutral silicone sealant equipment?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-06-14 14:32:07

Neutral silicone sealant production have 5 parts:

1)Base material production 2)Base material grinding 3)Glass/plastic production 4)Hydraulic discharge 5)Product packing

silicone sealant

But sometimes, if you have enough investment, you can buy a reactor to produce 107 plastic..107 plastic is a original material of neutral silicone sealant production, which is produce glue first step.

The first step: JCT can provides three choices (Vacuum kneader, Binders dispersing machine, Binders dispersed kettle). Second, provides two choices (Three roll mill or strong disperser). Third, provides three choices(Powerful dispersing machine, Power mixer, Planetary mixer). Then, Hydraulic feeder. Final,  provides two choices (Hard tube filling machine or flexible packing machine)

silicone sealant

Neutral silicone glue production line has sets of processes equipment in JCT. According to the requirements of the demand side, the production design of a reasonable solution, If you are the interested in silicon sealant, free contact us as soon as possible.

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