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Do you know chemical liquid blending equipment?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-07-18 11:13:47

liquid blending equipment

Do you know chemical liquid blending equipment? it,s a kind of blending equipment for liquid, paste, silicone sealant,paint and so on.

1). Different capacity design from 50L to 50,000L.
2). Made of stainless steel 304/ 316L, or other material (decide by client).
3). Have jacket and coil-pipe style.
4). Vacuum and high-pressure are available. 
5). Super mixer for most chemicals / food materials mixing and reacting.
6). Widely used in producing resins, adhesives, paints, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other chemical productions.
7). Can be heated by oil or water or steam,  temperature range:  0 - 500 centigrade.
8). With different mixing paddles, can be designed as requirements.
9).  Supply whole production line for different products, also including producing technology.
In addition,chemical liquid blending equipment is one of JCT main product,which is suitable for alkyd resin, unsaturated resin,acrylic resin,Urea-formaldehyde resin,epoxy resin and other resin production line.

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