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Can kneaders produce Stabilizing Agent ?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-08 16:03:35

As we all know, stabilizers are generally produced in a reaction kettle, but otherwise, JCT kneader is also available, kneader is a high viscosity elastic-plastic materials mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing, RE-POLYMERIZATION of the ideal equipment, with the advantages of uniform stirring, high kneading efficiency. What is that all about?

 Stabilizing Agent

Stabilizer is one of the indispensable main auxiliaries in PVC processing. PVC stabilizer is not used in many parts, but its role is enormous. Stabilizers in PVC processing ensure that PVC is not easy to degrade, and is relatively stable. Stabilizers commonly used in PVC processing are basic lead salt stabilizers, metal soap stabilizers, organotin stabilizers, rare earth stabilizers, epoxy compounds and so on. The degradation mechanism of PVC is complex, and the action mechanism of different stabilizers is different, and the stabilization effect is also different.

In a broad sense, stabilizers are chemicals that increase the stability of solutions, colloids, solids, and mixtures. It can slow down the reaction, maintain the chemical balance, reduce the surface tension, prevent light, thermal decomposition or oxidation decomposition. Generalized chemical stabilizers come from a wide range of sources, mainly according to the design purposes of formula designers, can be flexible to use any chemical to achieve product quality stability.

In a narrow sense, it mainly refers to the reagents that maintain the stability of polymer plastics, rubber, synthetic fibers, and prevent their decomposition and aging.

PVC stabilizers can be produced not only in reaction kettle, but also in kneading machine. There are several steps as follows:

1. stearic acid plus Huang Dan

2. plus three salt

3. adding calcium powder

4. adding coupling agent

5. severe reaction of stearic acid in Huang Dan

6. addition of small material

7. start softening

8. all the ingredients are added up.

9. complete reaction process

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