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Fantastic! Bengal customer procurement grafted rubber production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-04-26 15:24:59

April is the month of the beginning of the recovery of all things. It is also a special month for JCT machinery. Bangladeshi customers come all the way to visit JCT to purchase grafted rubber production line equipment. JCT machinery foreign trade salesmen and engineers receive Bengal customers together.

In April 25th, the rainy season, the sky in Foshan had a small rain, seemingly hazy rain, and actually brought a little inconvenience to the trip, with the spring rain, JCT ushered in a customer's line, in addition to Bangladeshi customers, and his Chinese friends come. The purpose of the customer's trip was to negotiate the grafting equipment, which was originally a material supplier to the shoe factory in Bangladesh, looking at the profit of the shoe glue, so we found us through its domestic friends, and last year JCT had sold the Silicone sealant Production line to Chittagong. The grafted glue is made up of chloroprene rubber, methyl methacrylate and other monomers, initiator, antioxidant and so on. The graft copolymer is made up of tackifier and tackifier resin in graft copolymers of graft copolymers. What equipment is the production of graft glue? Reaction kettle, jacket reactor is the main machine for producing grafted rubber, and some other matching equipment such as filter.

Grafted rubber production line

For the grafting glue equipment, JCT is rich in experience, technology is very mature, JCT can not only provide the whole line of grafted glue, but also provide technical formula according to customer's needs, train workers, have obvious advantages in the industry. This negotiation is very smooth, JCT and customers have determined the total price of grafted rubber production line After the configuration parameters of the equipment, JCT successfully signed a contract with the Bengal customer, and the JCT machinery will produce the equipment at the fastest time and deliver it safely to the customer's company, and provide a series of technical support with the customer to solve the customer's worries.

The following are JCT mechanical engineers, Lucy and customers:

Bengal customers purchasing grafted rubber production line

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