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As China grows stronger , I am confident that China’s foreign trade industry has a broader prospect .

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:46:16

   China is reportedly reluctant to agree to a broad US trade deal with talks set to restart . Vice Premier Liu He, who will lead negotiations for China, told dignitaries that his offer to the U.S. will not include commitments on reforming Chinese industrial policy or government subsidies, according to to Bloomberg. These are among the Trump administration’s main demands in the trade talks.

   As China grows stronger , I am confident that China’s foreign trade industry has a broader prospect . As a supplier , we don’t want to be left behind . Today ,I will introduce our own one of production lines that Complete production equipment of Alkyd resin .

Alkyd resin1.png  Alkyd resin2.png  Alkyd resin3.png

1. characteristics of the production line:

1 ) alkyd resin is mainly composed of polyol, polybasic acid, fatty oil or fatty acid, catalyst, drier, reflux agent through alcoholysis, polymerization, widely used in paint production.

2)Foshan JCT Machinery Co. ltd.,It is a professional manufacturer of resin and adhesive equipment,Have more than 20 years of design and manufacturing experience inresin and adhesive equipment.A great understanding of the requirements of the resinand adhesive production equipment , According to the products and capacity requirements of customers, we design the whole production line, including production process, production site planning, equipment selection and configuration, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation and commissioning.

3) The JCT- alkyd resin production line uses a unique and advanced heating and cooling method, which is heated both inside and outside the reactor. Internal and external cooling at the same time.The efficiency of heating and cooling is greatly improved.Shorten the time of production.

4) The special mixing structure is used in the production equipment to improve the mixing effect, and the material can be mixed quickly, dissolved and reacted.

2. production line equipment configuration

A complete set of production equipment for alkyd resin production line is: Raw material storage tank, metering tank, polymerizing reactor, fractionating column, vertical condenser, horizontal condenser, oil-water separator, dilute reactor, finished product storage tank, net plate filter, resin filling machine, heating equipment, cooling equipment, vacuum equipment, nitrogen generator, material conveying equipment。

3. capacity selection

1)500KG/ batch 2)1000KG/ batch 3)2000KG/ batch 4)3000KG/ batch 5)4000KG/ batch 6)5000KG/ batch 7)6000KG/ batch 8)8000KG/ batch 9)10000KG/ batch 10)12000KG/ batch 11)15000KG/ batch 12)18000KG/ batch 13)20000KG/ batch 14)25000KG/ batch 15)30000KG/ batch

Can be designed according to the capacity of the purchaser

If you need detailed equipment configuration, you can contact us:

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2)We can design it according to customer’s requirements;

3)According to customer demand, we can provide production equipment, production technology, raw materials and equipment installation, debugging and so on.

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If you need to know the detailed equipment configuration, production technology, production process, please contact us.

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