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Application of BMC multifunctional kneader in industry

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-29 10:22:51

BMC is the initials of Bulk Molding Compound, and the Chinese name is block molding compound.

BMC is a kind of semi-dry moulding intermediate material for glass fiber reinforced thermosetting products. It is composed of unsaturated polyester resin, low shrinkage/low profile additive, initiator, internal demoulding agent, mineral filler and other pre-mixed paste. Thickener and colorant are added to the glass fiber of different lengths, and then the glass fiber is fed into a special material kettle. Row stirring, thickening process, eventually forming a cluster of intermediate materials, can be used for molding and injection molding.

BMC products can be produced by kneader.

Kneading machine is a widely-used mixing machine for viscous products making.
1. Blades:  Two sigma or Z-type blades
2. Rotated speed control: Equipped with inverter for frequency control
3. Discharge method: Hydraulic tilting discharge; Bottom discharge
4. Heating method: Oil heating, electric heating, steam heating
5. Cooling method: Water cooling
6. Materials: Stainless steel (SS306/ SS316), Carbon steel (Q235-B)

kneader product

There are many types of kneader.


Kneading machine can also produce silicone sealant and chewing gum and other products.

kneader product

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