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About High temperature silicone rubber production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-07-18 11:40:00

High temperature silicone rubber is double component heating vulcanization and RTV silicone rubber. It is a colorless or translucent oil like liquid. After vulcanization, it becomes soft elastic material. It can make flexible silicone rubber products, such as patch, antiskid pad and high temperature mold making.

Silicone rubber equipment is produced by JCT company, with characteristics including advanced design and excellent manufacture, reasonable structure, easily to operate, fewer production personnel, high production efficiency, good product quality, etc. It is suitable for making all kinds of high temperature silicone rubber.

high temperature silicone rubber product machinery  ----kneader

Process flow chart of high temperature silicone rubber production line:

Process flow chart of high temperature silicone rubber production line

Production line equipment configuration:


2)Charging tray

3)Open two-roller mill

4)Cooling-water machine

5)Material storage desk

6)Silicone rubber filter

7)Roller conveyor

Production process:

1)Preparation of raw materials is according to the formula, adding Vinyl silicone rubber, silicone oil, release agent to the kneader for stirring. Next step, powder raw materials should be added many times.

2)With continuously stirring, the temperature of the materials will be raised. When the temperature reaches the point can be reaction, then the cooling water enter into the jacket to keep the reaction temperature.

3)Pour the mixture into charging tray.

4)Putting the mixture into the two-roller mill, at the same time injecting the cooling water to the hollow part of the machine, cooling down the mixture and squeeze the mixture into rubber sheet.

5)Put the rubber sheet on the rubber filter extruder, filter the gum inside and mold, then cut it and pack it

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