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How about 100 litre stainless steel mixing tank in JCT?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-08-08 09:44:32

100l stainless steel tank

The 100 litre stainless steel mixing tank can be designed different capacity in JCT.We are 100L stainless steel mixing tank manufacturer, about quality, material and capacity of (100L-10000L) stainless steel mixing tank can be chosen.

The 100 litre stainless steel mixing tank is a main reaction equipment for different chemicals with liquid to liquid, liquid to solid and other shape.it\'s widely used in resins, adhesives, paint, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other chemical production.It\'s on mechanical seal, Inverter for frequency control.what\'s more, there are more than three materials of mixing machine, they are Jacketed type, outside pipe type, outside & inside pipe type.

In addition, the 100 litre stainless steel mixing tank heated by oil, water, steam or electric and so on,Three-layers paddle style, made of stainless steel.it consists of body, gears, mixing devices, heating devices, cooling devices, seal and other composition. Equipped with distillation column, condenser, water separator, collecting cans, filters etc.

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