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Guangzhou Machinery Research Institute specializes in silicone sealant design harvested production line

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-08-05 10:05:43

JCT Machinery specializes in equipment for silicone sealant production line more than 20 years, so it makes progress from zero to millions in the process. All the efforts coincide the believe by our cooperators that the good quality of our silicone sealant equipment, the brand of JCT Machinery so as to be popular with it. The partnership with Guangzhou Machinery Institute is also increase the popular reputation of silicone sealant in the Guangdong region. Guangzhou Machinery Institute is the earliest units engaging in light indutrial machanical to design research cane sugar and wine, and currently is one of the research institutes of Guangdong province mainly designing and research light industrial machinery, food machinery and environmental protection equipment as well.

silicone sealant production line

Taiwan Machinery Research Institute is very optimistic about JCT Machinery\'s silicone sealant production line

To judge the quality of a machine is good or bad, is not only said by one manufacturer, but our users really feel satisfied with it. Mr. Zhang, a purchasing manager of Guangdong Institute, is a wise and has extensive experience in procurement. He has reference to JCT Machinery, and then immediately contacts with our sales staff, agreeing that our brand is very good. After confirming well about the requirement details, he asked us to make the contract. The main reason is that the handmade of our machines, and we can provide with him a whole production line, which save time for our customers finding various machines. With such good service and popular brand, as well as high-quality equipment, JCT Machinery welcome partners from various fields to visit us!

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