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The hot melt glue mixer maintenance service

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-12-10 15:25:30


First, before maintenance service hot melt glue mixer must be put the hot melt glue mixer on the power supply and connection outside total power.

Second, worker should not wear earrings , watch , necklace , bracelet which can be electric conducted with the garniture.

Third, do not unbending disassemble hot melt glue mixer to any accessory unless you know the machine performance.

Fourth,only professionals can do maintenance service with the hot melt glue mixer .

Fifth, before you tear down or move the hot melt glue mixer protective device or change the component you must stop the power .

Sixth,Don't use hard tool to clean the machine in order to avoid scratching in barrel.

Seventh,try to stand in plastic carpet for maintenance work. Hot melt glue mixer should not work on flooded floor or in a very humid environment