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Double Shaft Blade Agravic Mixer Suitable For The Production Of Washing Powder

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-07-23 17:18:24

Double Shaft Blade Agravic Mixer Working principle: 

With the actuation of the directly link decelerator, the rotormoves in a fixed direction and, during its movement, the horizontal ribbon mixer pushed the material to move along with the axis and, on the other hand, throw the material to the front upper of the helicalribbon. The helical ribbon on the outside layer makes the material always moving towards the center of the barrel while the one on the inside layer makes the material moving towards two ends from the center, thus two cycled ways offlowing are formed with the material, making it fullmixed in the repeatedflowing circulation. 

Double Shaft Blade Agravic Mixer Suitable For The Production Of Washing Powder

washing powder machine

2. Standard Features

Volume: 100-20000L

Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel 

Ribbon agitator for center discharge

Designed for normal temperature and normal atmospheric pressure tator for center discharge

Feed Nozzle

Dust Nozzle

Manually operated or Pneumatic operated flap valve

Packing SealSafety limit switch on cleanout door

 Double Shaft Paddle Agravic Mixer

3. Optional Features

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316L

Continuous ribbon agitator, interrupted ribbon for higher density materialsInternal pressure

Sanitary type construction

Flap valve, butterfly valve, slide gate valve, ball valve

Horsepower to suit higher density materials

Explosion-proof motors

Controls such as variable frequency drives, motor starters and operator stations are available

Spray nozzles for liquid introductionJacket for heating or cooling

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